A1047. Diner-Service Porcelain from a SS-Obergruppenführer and General der SS.

The Poecelain is from the finest quality and made by" Heinrich-Elfenbein-Porzelan". The porcelain is marked on the reverse with "H&G-SELB Bavaria Germany-Heinrich". it is the "Christine" model. The Porcelain have a gilt (burned-un) Rim and have SS Runes alternated with Odal Runes. It is in perfect condition, no chips or cracks.

We have a:

-Diner Plate, diameter 255 mm.

-Desert Plate, diameter 205 mm.

-Soup Bowl with Under Plate. Bowl diameter is 125 mm and the hight is 53 mm. The Under Plate diameter is 165 mm.

The Heinrich Elfenbein Porzelan munufacture is  also the maker of the Zeppelin Porcelain. 

This Diner-Service Porcelain came with a Provenance document from the family and is in MINT condition.

(Shipping only by FedEx, add €100 extra).

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